Virtual Town Hall Meetings through Live Streaming

Town hall meetings have historically been used as a platform to inform community members about priority projects. They give council an opportunity to discuss potential impacts and timelines while giving the community an opportunity to have their say. These meetings can be just as effective virtually when run on a platform that streamlines how feedback is gathered, analyzed, and presented back to the community.

Embedding a Live Stream Feed or Recording

Broadcast important events and public consultations, showcase experts, panels, and live interactive Q&A sessions with your stakeholders. Hosting your virtual town hall directly within your EngagementHQ project can be done in a few simple steps. Make your event recording available after your meeting directly on your site. And should you need a written recording of your digital event, we offer transcripts as a service.

How to set up a virtual town hall event in EngagementHQ

  1. Create your event in a live streaming tool like YouTube
  2. Build your Virtual Town Hall project in EngagementHQ
  3. Embed the live streaming feed into your engagement project
  4. Add feedback tools to interact, gather ideas and answer questions during your virtual event
  5. Publish your project and invite your community to attend

Use Feedback Tools to Support Live Events

Bring Your Town Hall Meetings Online

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